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Frisco, Texas Transformations are Underway!

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This past Saturday, January 6, Farrell’s Little Elm, Texas owners Mustaali and Shannon Carbaidwala welcomed their first 10-week members to orientation at their new Farrell’s Frisco, Texas location!

Todd Dorr with Farrell's Frisco owners Mustaali and Shannon Carbaidwala

Mustaali and Shannon opened their first location in Little Elm in July 2015. Now, they are thrilled to be opening their second location and allowing more people to experience the unique and transformative program of Farrell’s.

As Mustaali states, “Encouraging others and being leaders in living healthy lifestyles is something we truly have a passion for. Before opening our first location, we struggled to find a program as motivating as Farrell’s in the Dallas area. We quickly realized we needed to be the ones to introduce others to the Farrell’s way of life.”

In attendance to help with orientation was Lisa Holland, a Level 2 Kickboxing and Strength Training Instructor and coach from Farrell’s Little Elm.

Lisa’s Farrell’s Story:

I’ve been at Farrell’s for about two and a half years. Before Farrell’s I was an avid runner. I did thirty-seven half marathons, but I got to a point where I was gaining weight, even running all the time. My friend Karen invited me to try a kickboxing class at Farrell’s, so I went. I could not get through the warm-up. So I joined and my results were great. I lost 32 pounds and 11 inches*, but what really surprised me was my increase in mental stability. That was shocking to me! Because I had gained weight, I lost confidence and felt depressed. I felt so much better mentally, and that’s what meant the most to me. Now I feel free!

After my 10 weeks, I became an instructor and it’s been so rewarding. Instructing means the world to me. I love watching people grow and develop every week, and it gives me drive. Seeing people become more confident is what motivates me and brings me back in each day.

Lisa Holland helping at Farrell's Frisco Orientation 

Know someone in the Frisco/Dallas area looking to transform? Farrell’s Frisco 10-week session enrollment is open until Saturday, January 13th! Visit their website or call (214) 223-5797 to enroll today!

Congratulations Mustaali and Shannon! We know you will continue to succeed and change the lives of many members to come and we can’t wait to see them.

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